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Apfelschorle July 14, 2011

Apfelschorle is a popular beverage in Germany, which I had the pleasure of tasting for the first time when I was there in May. The word “Apfelschorle” basically means carbonated apple juice and is a healthier alternative to other carbonated drinks, which are packed with sugar and additives. This is just pure fruit juice and sparkling water. It’s absolutely delicious and refreshing..Perfect for those hot summer days!

(makes 2 liters/2 quarts)


1 l (1 qt) sparkling water
1 l (1 qt) apple juice

1. Pour the juice and sparkling water into a large pitcher.
2. Stir to mix.
3. Pour into glasses garnished with apple wedges (Why? Well, because it looks pretty :)) and add ice if you want.

(Tip: You can even make schorle with other fruit juices…Just substitute the apple juice with your favorite fruit juice and voilà!)


3 Responses to “Apfelschorle”

  1. Tracy Says:

    This looks really yummy. Sometimes I want a little POW to my apple juice, and the carbonation would definitely add that extra zip!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine


  2. Evelyn Says:

    Love the photo! 🙂


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